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Microbiology lab testing: providing detailed, individual attention

Posted by Eric Graves on Wed, Apr, 18, 2012 @ 09:04 AM

Microbiology Lab Testing: Customized Food Lab Testing Results

Our Business Development Directors and Microbiologists at ABC Research Laboratories provide creative solutions for clients that require special services.  These services require careful planning coordinating sample logistics, client training, sampling and microbiological testing of food products.  These service offerings are unique to an independent third party testing laboratory.

Creating customized microbiology lab testing answers

Our client requested an intensive 16 day sampling, training and microbiological testing regimen that was ordered by their customer.  The regimen began on a Sunday at 3:00 am.  An ABC microbiologist was dispatched along with a sample logistics professional to the client’s facility.  The morning started at 6:00 am with the ABC microbiologist conducting a training session for the client’s employees on how to properly collect product samples and to perform environmental swabbing.  Samples were then dispatched by the sample logistics professional to ABC’s food microbiology lab and were promptly prepared for the battery of tests required by the client.  The ABC Research microbiologist remained at the client’s facility and collected samples throughout the day.  The microbiologist then brought these samples to the lab Monday evening and they were immediately prepared for a battery of microbiological food tests. 

This process continued for 16 days consecutively with a dedicated team of ABC professionals working 20 hours per day collectively.  This extraordinary effort demonstrates ABC’s ability to not only provide timely accurate results but also to go over and above the requirements of the client.             

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